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MANN+HUMMEL acquires shares in Seccua Holding AG

MANN+HUMMEL acquires shares in Seccua Holding AG content piece image
Image credit: MANN + HUMMEL
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MANN+HUMMEL has announced its strategic investment in Seccua Holding AG, based in Steingaden in Southern Germany. In addition to the share purchase, the transaction also includes growth financing for the company.

Since the acquisition of MICRODYN-NADIR in 2015, MANN+HUMMEL has been active in the membrane industry with a focus on water, wastewater and process filtration. With the acquisition of a stake in Seccua Holding AG, the company further expands its portfolio into drinking water filtration. The focus here is both on the filtration of water at the time of entry into the water pipes of a building or facility – point-of-entry –, as well as immediately before use – point-of-use.

MANN+HUMMEL is one of the world's leading, family-run experts for filtration solutions. Headquartered in Ludwigsburg, Germany, the group develops innovative solutions for motor vehicles, industrial applications, clean indoor and outdoor air, and sustainable use water. Seccua was founded in 2005 and is a global innovation and technology leader in drinking water treatment with ultrafiltration systems and thus a reliable partner for drinking water suppliers, public buildings and private households. Seccua develops, produces and sells innovative solutions for the removal of pathogens, turbidity, drug residue and lime from drinking water without irradiation and the use of chemicals.

According to a study by Grandview Research, the global market potential for water treatment in the private sector is approximately 30 billion euros by 2025. Filtration will account for around a quarter of this figure.

"The topic of water treatment is becoming increasingly important. MANN+HUMMEL offers innovative solutions for clean and healthy drinking water," says Werner Lieberherr, President & Chief Executive Officer of the MANN+HUMMEL Group. "We are therefore looking forward to a successful joint future and are convinced, in addition to our technology leadership, to have set perfect preconditions to achieve market leadership in the drinking water market soon.”