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Mantis Launches Full Range of Multi-purpose Deposition Systems

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Mantis Deposition has announced that it has introduced a full range of multi-purpose deposition systems.

The QPREP Series is designed to offer a versatile chamber with multiple ports/flanges for appending numerous deposition sources and analytical instrumentation. 

Mantis RF/DC sputtering sources, 4-pocket mini ebeam evaporators, RF atom/ion sources, thermal gas crackers, and even the Mantis NanoGen50 nanoparticle source can be installed on the QPREP. 

A high vacuum load lock is available optionally for fast sample cycling and optimum film quality.

The Mantis Nanoparticle Source, for example, adds considerably to materials research. With the ability to generate nanoparticles from 1-20nm, filter them to +/-2% in size and deposit them adherently over a range of acceleration voltages enables a wide range of film properties to be evaluated.