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Metrohm Companies Unite in New Northeast Hub

Metrohm Companies Unite in New Northeast Hub  content piece image
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Metrohm is excited to announce the opening of a new office in New Jersey. The new facility will house development, production and manufacturing space for Metrohm Group companies Innovative Photonic Solutions and B&W Tek. It is located in the heart of the U.S. pharmaceutical market and will also serve as a field office for Metrohm USA.

Metrohm has been growing its footprint in the spectroscopy market in recent years and is proud to announce its latest investment in a new facility in Plainsboro, New Jersey. This 45,000 square foot facility brings B&W Tek, Innovative Photonic Solutions and a new Metrohm USA applications lab and field office under one roof. IPS is the largest producer of Raman spectroscopy diode-based light components in the world. B&W Tek is an industry-leading provider of mobile Raman spectroscopy solutions and modular spectrometers. Both companies were acquired by Metrohm in 2018.

In the last five years, Metrohm USA has invested heavily in its mission to bring its market-leading technologies closer to customers, opening new offices in California and Texas in 2017 and building a brand new, state-of-the-art headquarters facility in Tampa in 2018.

The newest location in New Jersey, in the heart of the U.S. pharmaceutical market, continues to build on Metrohm USA’s mission, while combining manufacturing facilities of two of its sister companies. It will be officially inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 19.

“The Northeast has a large number of our customers in close proximity and we are excited that these customers now have a place to see our instruments, learn about our solutions and experience what Metrohm has to offer firsthand,” says Ed Colihan, President and CEO of Metrohm USA.

IPS and B&W Tek have independent manufacturing, sales, application and service support infrastructures in the building. “Housing the companies under one roof brings our complementary technologies together. We will be able to leverage a suite of products for OEM solutions,“ says Dr. Jack Zhou, CEO of B&W Tek.

The New Jersey office offers laboratory space for live demonstrations of instrumentation and hands-on instrument training for up to 70 customers. The facility has ample meeting space equipped with the newest audiovisual solutions that can accommodate in person, hybrid or virtual events with customers.