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Microfluidics Offers M-110Y Microfluidizer® Processor

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Microfluidics offers laboratory fluid processors, the M-110Y Microfluidizer® processor, a pneumatic bench top version that rounds out a comprehensive line of lab machines for chemical formulation development and other fluid processing applications.

According to Company, the M-110Y is can provide an order of magnitude higher shear rate than any available fluid processor on the market today. The processor maximizes the energy-per-unit fluid volume, insuring the generation of uniform, submicron particle and droplet sizes.

Process pressures are highly variable and reproducible, ranging from a low of 1,500 psi to a high of 23,000 psi. Options available for the M-110Y include a NIST traceable pressure transducer and thermocouple and accessories allowing pressurized sample feed.

The M-110Y utilizes the now well-established interaction chambers that are specifically designed with fixed-geometry, wear-resistant micro channels that accelerate the product stream to high velocities. This process creates controlled and reproducible shear and impact forces that bring about the desired results. Because the interaction chamber employs no moving parts, no disassembly is required for cleaning.

As a result of the Microfluidics' fixed geometry interaction chamber, the system is capable of processing a wide variety of fluids ranging from simple oil-in-water emulsions to highly immiscible solids-in-liquid suspensions.

Additionally, the processor is easy to operate and designed for clean-in-place procedures. These features virtually eliminate sample cross-contamination. Because each Microfluidics unit is process repeatable and scale-up is guaranteed, the company says.