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Microfluidics Presents Cell Disrupter Microfluidizer® Processor

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Microfluidics, a wholly owned subsidiary of the MFIC Corporation, introduces the M-7250-20 Microfluidizer® processor configured for cell disruption applications. Achieving product flow rates of up to 400 liters per hour, the processor comes equipped with a product feed pump and heat exchanger.

The M-7250-20 is delivered with a standard PLC-based, password protected controls design that utilizes a Human Machine Interface (HMI). The HMI is Windows XP driven and features a touch screen interface. Process and data management is under the control of GE Fanuc Automation’s iFIX Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

This robust communication and control architecture enables the Microfluidizer® processor to interact with other pieces of equipment and integrate data with a process control SCADA or DCS (Distributed Control Systems).

The software architecture follows GAMP 4 guidelines for automated controls in bioprocessing, assuring customers of easy, successful validation. The processor is able to store all acquired data in a secure database (SQL). Report generation for batch records is included. Additionally, the M-7250-20 features a tiered login for controlled access from administrators to operators. The machine includes diagnostic monitoring with critical function alarms for warnings and/or shutdowns.

The M-7250-20 also offers recipe management, which controls variables such as process pressure, product levels, temperature, and the length of the sterilization cycles. Two preset batch recipes are included with the M-7250-20, with the option to adjust parameters for different cell cultures or to optimize product yield.

The M-7250-20 is designed for wash-down capability, and offers optional Clean-in-Place (CIP) and Steam-in-Place (SIP) features that thoroughly clean and sanitize the system between batches or before storage. Because the interaction chamber employs no moving parts, no disassembly is required for cleaning.

Documentation includes product contact certificates for finish and surface treatments, welding certifications, IQ/OQ package and FAT/SAT documentation.