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MINI 96 Electronic Pipette Wins SelectScience® Scientists’ Choice Award

MINI 96 Electronic Pipette Wins SelectScience® Scientists’ Choice Award content piece image
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INTEGRA is proud to announce that its MINI 96 portable electronic pipette has won the SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Award for Best New General Lab Product of 2021. These prestigious awards are uniquely nominated and voted for by scientists around the world, highlighting the most innovative and effective laboratory technologies that have made the greatest impact on their work in the last year.

The ultra-compact MINI 96 pipette is designed to give every lab access to significantly increased liquid handling productivity, by offering the versatility of a handheld pipette in a high throughput instrument. Developed specifically to meet the needs of busy scientists, the extremely lightweight and efficient system is the most affordable 96 channel electronic pipette on the market. Available in four volume ranges – 0.5-12.5, 5-125, 10-300 and 50-1250 µl – it offers improved pipetting accuracy and productivity for any liquid handling workflow. Pipetting 96 channels has never been easier with electronic tip loading and ejection, and a range of modes – including mixing and repeat dispense functions – eliminating the burden of repetitive tasks.

Lukas Keller, Director of Marketing Communications at INTEGRA, commented: “It is truly an honor to receive this award, even more so because it was chosen directly by the laboratory professionals that our products are created for. We would like to thank everyone that took their time to vote for the MINI 96, and are pleased that it is helping to improve pipetting productivity and accuracy across the globe.”