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Molecular Devices Introduces High-Speed Confocal Imager

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Molecular Devices Corporation has announced the introduction of ImageXpressULTRA™, a high-speed, laser-scanning, confocal imager.

This system is the latest addition to its Total Imaging Solution which includes the ImageXpressMICRO™ imaging system, MetaXpress Software Application Modules, AcuityXpress Data Analysis software and the Transfluor Assay for GPCRs.

The ImageXpressULTRA is a high speed, point scanning confocal system. The bench-top system utilizes up to four configurable solid-state lasers.

ImageXpressULTRA is available with a robotic plate handling option for automated, high throughput image- based screening.

Molecular Devices claims that, the ImageXpressULTRA integrates seamlessly into the existing Molecular Devices Total Imaging Solution software suite- MetaXpress™ Analysis and AcuityXpress™ Informatics.

The ImageXpressULTRA system complements the ImageXpressMICRO wide-field CCD imager, both of which are controlled by the MetaXpress Acquisition software and integrated into the modular image analysis and cellular Informatics software, AcuityXpress, platforms launched in June of 2005.

Over 15 application modules are available for MetaXpress for turnkey analysis of common HCS assays. AcuityXpress provides data mining and management tools as well as drill downs to the original high-resolution images.

"With the launch of the ImageXpressULTRA, we have completed the introduction of our total solutions for both HCA and Research imaging," commented Jan Hughes, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing at Molecular Devices.

"We believe that with ImageXpressULTRA and ImageXpressMICRO, combined with MetaXpress Acquisition and Analysis, MDCStore Database, AcuityXpress Cellular Informatics and the Transfluor Assay, Molecular Devices provides the most complete turnkey solutions for our imaging customers."

The addition of a confocal scanning instrument also complements the Transfluor GPCR screening technology licensing and reagents offered by Molecular Devices.

Transfluor is an image-based GPCR screening assay that has been optimized on all Molecular Devices imaging systems.

In addition to the launch of the confocal instrument, Molecular Devices has announced tiered pricing for the use of the Transfluor technology, including research site licenses that will enable users to create and validate Transfluor cell lines with their receptors of interest.