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MorphoSys Presents New RapMAT™ Antibody Technology

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MorphoSys has announced the successful completion of its RapMAT™ technology for antibody optimization.

RapMAT™, which stands for "rapid maturation", will improve the options for identifying antibodies from the HuCAL GOLD library and reduce the time for generation of promising lead molecules.

The company claims that the technology has the potential to further improve its antibody engineering process in both of its business segments.

The technology will be presented at the 17th IBC Antibody Engineering conference in San Diego, California.

In comparison to standard procedures, RapMAT™ can increase the diversity of antibodies at an early stage through a round of optimization carried out during the first selection steps, ultimately leading to selection of antibodies that have shown an up to 40-fold increased affinity for their target molecule.

The system is compatible with the HuCAL GOLD antibody library, which is the most up-to-date version of MorphoSys's core technology, and uses its key advantages of modular configuration of all highly variable regions of the antibody genes. All the resulting antibodies retain a fully human composition.

"Today's announcement is an important milestone in our comprehensive initiative to further develop our antibody technologies. The new RapMAT(TM) technology platform leads to high-affinity antibody molecules even faster, directly from the first selection steps. It builds on the proven strengths of the HuCAL GOLD library and the combination of technologies leads to an even more attractive product," explains Dr. Marlies Sproll, Chief Scientific Officer at MorphoSys AG.

"With the new system we are also further approaching the natural conditions for antibody maturation in humans, which is a central mechanism of the immune system."

The first presentation of the RapMAT™ technology took place on December 10th, at the first official HuCAL GOLD User Meeting in the run-up to the international IBC Antibody Engineering Conference in San Diego, USA.

"We are introducing a user meeting to further intensify the knowledge and experience exchange with our customers," Dr. Marlies Sproll continues.

"We are very pleased with the high acceptance rate by our partners and hope that this event will lead to an even more efficient use of HuCAL GOLD and related technologies."