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Nanion Announces new Industrial 96-Channel Patch Clamp Screening Robot

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Nanion announces the late-stage development of a new automated patch clamp platform: the SyncroPatch 96. Developed to meet the throughput demands of industrial ion channel drug screening and safety profiling, and with a price-per-data-point compatible with screening standards, the SyncroPatch 96 will offer the highest throughput in the market for high quality HTS-oriented ion channel screening.

Following the successful market introduction of two automated patch clamp devices, the Port-a-Patch (2004) and the Patchliner (2006), Nanion now introduces the SyncroPatch 96. Nanion's Patchliner and Port-a-Patch platforms enjoy great popularity in both academic and industrial settings and have received enthusiastic user feedback in customer surveys such as the HTStec report.

The new SyncroPatch 96 is designed to increase throughput while reducing the cost per data point to a level compatible with industrial ion channel screening requirements.

"There is a gap between the demands in ion channel drug screening and the capability of the high quality automated patch clamp platforms currently available on the market. Pharmaceutical companies want higher throughput and lower cost per data point, whilst maintaining data quality. The SyncroPatch96 will fill this gap, by providing high throughput, high quality patch clamp recordings, at a low enough cost to keep screeners happy." says Dr. Niels Fertig, CEO of Nanion.

The SyncroPatch 96 acquires simultaneous recordings from 96 individual cells in a well-plate format and allows for screening of both ligand- and voltage-gated ion channels. The platform supports giga-seal recordings, continuous recording during compound application and addition of multiple compounds to each of the 96 cells. The SyncroPatch 96 will be launched in 2009.