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New GeneTools Software - An Image Analysis Package to Offer One Step E-Gel 96 Reading

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Syngene has announced its new GeneTools V3 image analysis software has E-Gel® 96 module which allows one step analysis of E-Gel 96 gels in seconds.

Syngene claims that it has designed the new E-Gel 96 option to analyse the staggered well pattern in E-Gel 96 gels (Invitrogen) and GeneTools V3 is the world’s first commercial 1D image analysis software to have such a module.

Molecular biologists using GeneTools V3 can obtain GLP compliant results from all 96 lanes of an E-Gel in one click by automatically reading.

The E-Gel 96 option combined with the software’s other functions which include:  band and spot matching; Rf/molecular weight calculations; multi-layer gel analysis; and colony counting, makes GeneTools V3 a flexible 1D image analysis software currently on the market.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager stated: “Many researchers are using E-Gel 96 gels because they can be fully automated. However, since the 96 tracks are staggered, most commercial image analysis packages cannot analyse this pattern. A bottleneck occurs when the gel has to be translated into a conventional format via another analysis package thus researchers lose the automation benefits.”

Laura Sullivan added: “The new E-Gel 96 option is an excellent solution because it fills this gap in the high-throughput electrophoresis chain by allowing users to analyse their E-Gel 96 gels in one software environment. Therefore, any molecular biology laboratory using the E-Gel 96 system in combination with the GeneTools E-Gel 96 module is guaranteed to save time and increase their research productivity.”