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New Range of Refrigerators Provide Enhanced Functionality for Secure Blood Storage

New Range of Refrigerators Provide Enhanced Functionality for Secure Blood Storage content piece image
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Healthcare professionals, and those working in clinical research, can now benefit from a new range of fully compliant and sustainable refrigerators designed specifically for the cold storage of blood and blood-related products and samples.

The Thermo Scientific TSB Series of blood bank refrigerators are built to comply with the Class IIa regulation 93/42/CE and come with a 12-month warranty. Factory presets to +4°C enable all models to meet blood storage guidelines, while the use of F-gas compliant hydrocarbon green refrigerants helps limit environmental impact. Low energy consumption of all models in the series and real-time monitoring ensure low energy use and heat output, contributing to the product’s sustainability attributes. Additionally, onboard datalogging tracks temperatures to ensure optimum storage conditions, so users can take corrective action where necessary.

"Our new TSB Series of blood bank refrigerators is another step towards supporting laboratories’ sustainability goals without them having to compromise on quality or functionality," said Drew Buskirk, global product manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific. "All models are built to the highest standards with the environment in mind and comply with strict regulations. Features including password protected electronic locks, temperature, power and door alarms, and battery back-ups in the event of power failures, all ensure a secure environment for the cold storage of blood products."

Available in a range of sizes to suit any workspace, from 140L undercounter models to 1,500L double door refrigerators, the TSB Series range boasts additional features, including an almost-silent operation, a convenient and easy to use touchscreen, fully extendable and adjustable drawers, and triple-pane glass doors.