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Next-Generation, Compressor-Free Plate Sealer

Next-Generation, Compressor-Free Plate Sealer content piece image
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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the launch of a next-generation, compressor-free plate sealer, designed to alleviate the maintenance burden on operators, while offering process customization capabilities, intuitive operation and significant work efficiencies. Aimed at biotechnology, pharmaceutical and academic research laboratories, the system is capable of simplifying the plate sealing process and enabling improved reliability and productivity for both stand-alone, as well as, integrated robotic projects.

As a fully electrically operated system, the Thermo Scientific ALPS 5000 has been developed to increase the efficiency of the heat plate sealing process and offers maximum flexibility to support high throughput applications. The system is intended to eliminate the need for tedious and costly replacement of expensive vacuum cups, onboard compressors and compressed air lines, typically required when using conventional pneumatically driven equipment. As a result, maintenance costs can be minimized and quieter operation enabled, ensuring minimal disruption to the working environment. The ALPS 5000 facilitates easy, tool-free foil loading and does not require the use of adapters to change between different plates. The system is operated via a large intuitive touchscreen with a modern user interface, which allows for precise control over sealing parameters to ensure repeatability, while including programming parameters for integration into automation or robotic workflows.

The ALPS 5000 offers process customization capabilities to address varying application needs, from polymerase chain reaction and high performance liquid chromatography to next generation sequencing, compound storage and flow cytometry. Users can program the sealing time, temperature and pressure parameters to suit their specific requirements. They can also choose the most appropriate sealing foil length, opting for a longer foil to improve pealing or a shorter one to reduce foil usage by up to 10%. Moreover, the ALPS 5000 offers the flexibility to use either a traditional force sealing, or a distance sealing to maximize the number of times a plate can be resealed.

The ALPS 5000 offers fast sealing times, being able to seal up to four plates per minute. It also features a compact footprint to save valuable bench space. Furthermore, the ALPS 5000 has been equipped with an Eco Mode, which triggers a temperature reduction down to 30C° when the system has been inactive for a pre-specified amount of time, allowing for considerable energy savings.