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Noldus Early-Career Software Grant

Noldus Early-Career Software Grant content piece image
Credit: Michal Jarmoluk/ Pixabay
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Noldus Information Technology is seeking proposals from North American researchers from all disciplines of behavioral science research. In particular, Noldus seeks to support outstanding scientific research and career development of scientists at the early stage of their professional careers by providing access to our innovative research tools. Noldus encourages submission of proposals from early-career faculty at all eligible organizations and especially encourages women, members of underrepresented minority groups, and persons with disabilities to apply.

Goals of the Program

Noldus’ primary goal is to support research for early career scientists seeking to establish their careers. Selection of this award is based on the research approach, originality of the proposal, the Applicant(s), environment of the research, and impact of the research.


These awards will provide access to Noldus software for no longer than 24 months. Up to five awards will be selected. The awardees will also receive a remote training. One awardee will be provided a travel grant and registration for the Measuring Behavior conference in 2024.