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Nonlinear Dynamics Launches Alignment Software

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Nonlinear Dynamics Ltd has announced the launch of its TT900 S2S software solution at the 2005 Swiss Proteomics Society Annual Congress in Zurich.

This product is designed to provide sensitive tools for the pre-analysis alignment of 2D electrophoresis gel images, correcting the various gel inconsistencies that inevitably occur when running and imaging 2D gels.

Once aligned to a detailed level, images can be exported for traditional gel analysis. The end results show marked advancements, in particular resulting in improved matching results.

The technology can be used with all staining or labelling methodologies, and has been enhanced to take advantage of in-gel groups when used within the DIGE workflow.

Jan van Oostrum and Hans Voshol, from the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, have been key collaborators validating this tool, along with other novel data analysis technologies to be announced in 2006.

They said of the TT900 S2S, "It represents a quantum jump in 2D gel image analysis."

"Using an appropriate statistical toolbox, we have seen a real improvement in overall data quality, with the supplementary time and resource savings that this will result in."

"As such, we have added the TT900 S2S to our standard 2D gel analysis methodology."

Dr Dave Bramwell, Head of Research at Nonlinear Dynamics, commented, "We have observed this tool resulting in improved data quality with all image analysis packages that we have tried it against."

"Obviously we would continue to recommend its use alongside Nonlinear's Progenesis range of products, since further advantages can be gained from Progenesis's superior, comprehensive feature set."

"However for those with an existing analysis package who do not wish to reinvest, TT900 S2S is a perfect enhancement, especially since matching is a particular challenge for many."

John Spreadbury, Group Sales and Marketing Director of Nonlinear Dynamics and CEO, Nonlinear USA Inc, added, "Internally we are using this alignment technology with many data types from all areas of the life sciences, but it made most sense to launch it initially to our key market of proteomics researchers using 2D gels."

"With collaborators like Jan and Hans, we have been able to quickly bring this to market with the high-level customer validation that it needed."

"At the competitive price point at which we are launching it, we are confident that, in a short space of time, TT900 S2S will have entered the 2D analysis workflow as an integral step."