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Novel Fluid Collection Vents Ensure Suction Cannister Safety

Novel Fluid Collection Vents Ensure Suction Cannister Safety content piece image
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Working closely with a medical device manufacturer, Porvair Sciences has developed a high-performance fluid collection vent for a surgical suction cannister using their proprietary Vyon® porous plastic.

A large fraction of the waste produced during surgery is in the form of liquids such as blood and bodily fluids that have been diverted during the operation. A single surgery can be produced as much as 3-4 litres of liquid waste which is often disposed of by either manually pouring out the contents of the suction canisters or by solidifying the contents before disposal. Both methods can pose significant health and safety risks as spills and splatters can easily occur, leading to the aerosolization of bloodborne pathogens.

One key component of suction cannister design is the valve found embedded in the lid which functions to maintain system integrity and prevent over spilling. This ensures the safety of both the vacuum system lines and the users by sealing off the cannister.

Working closely with the medical device manufacturer, Porvair leveraged the unique liquid-swelling properties of their Vyon® porous plastic to create a composite-based filter that could act as a vent that provided both optimal airflow and an effective seal for fluids contained within the suction canister. In this novel medical device, when collected surgical fluids reach critical levels and come into contact with the Vyon®, the filters inherent shut-off capabilities prevent unwanted fluid transmission.

The new Vyon® fluid collection vents, used as a recyclable single use product, have been found to offer an easily installed, safer, sturdier and cost-effective alternative to traditional mechanical valves.