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Oncodesign Services Announce Access to ImaginAb’s CD8 ImmunoPET™ Technology

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Oncodesign Services announces the execution of a Preclinical License and Supply Agreement with ImaginAb Inc. for the use of their investigational CD8 ImmunoPET™ (89Zr crefmirlimab berdoxam) technology. ImaginAb, a biotechnology company, developed CD8 ImmunoPET™, a 89Zr PET imaging agent to enable the whole body visualization of the immune system, particularly in patients undergoing immunotherapy or radiopharmaceutical therapies.

By using this cutting-edge imaging technology in preclinical studies, Oncodesign Services’ team hopes to gain insights of the predictive effectiveness of novel treatment approaches in immunotherapy and radioimmunotherapy, particularly in the context of cancer.

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Fabrice Viviani, President & Chief Executive Officer of Oncodesign Services, said: “We are pleased to integrate this groundbreaking technology in our portfolio. The CD8 ImmunoPET offering will enhance our services and bridge the gap between preclinical and clinical stages. We hope to be able to better track the efficacy of novel immunotherapies and propose a dynamic follow-up of immune T CD8 cells into our preclinical models. Ultimately, it will enable us to improve our knowledge in the era of personalized medicine.”

Ian Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of ImaginAb, commented: “We believe this partnership will benefit pharma and biotech companies, allowing them to utilize our investigational imaging agent with the aim to improve understanding of the potential efficacy of their pipeline therapeutic products in preclinical studies.”


A clinical stage, revenue-generating global biotechnology company developing next generation imaging agents and radiopharmaceutical therapy products through its proprietary minibody and cys-diabody platforms. The lead candidate, CD8 ImmunoPET™, is currently in Phase II clinical trials and has been licensed by pharmaceutical and biotech companies for use in immunotherapy clinical trials.

About CD8 ImmunoPET™ (89Zr crefmirlimab berdoxam)

An 89Zr-labeled minibody that has been designed to bind to the CD8 receptor on human T cells for quantitative, non-invasive PET imaging. This method is currently being researched to determine whether it may be used to diagnose the immune status of a patient, to measure the efficacy of immunotherapies, and to predict patient outcomes