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P.A.L.M. Microlaser Introduces Accessories for PALM MicroBeam System

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P.A.L.M. Microlaser Technologies GmbH, a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH, is introducing new accessories for research into living cells: PALM DuplexDish 35 culture dishes, the PALM DishHolder 35 with CapCheck and PALM DishHolder 6/35.

According to Company, these products will open the door to more flexible experiments in the isolation and micromanipulation of living cells. Scientists working in the field of life sciences in research institutes, universities and the pharmaceutical industry will benefit from these new consumables for the PALM MicroBeam system.

The DuplexDish 35 is a 35 mm diameter culture dish which is optimized for microdissection. Cells can be isolated, collected and further cultivated in it without any need for an additional trypsinization step. Due to the small diameter of the dish, fewer reagents are required.

Despite an additional membrane, the base can offer optimal gas exchange and exhibit low autofluorescence. The main fields of application are living and stem cell applications with an emphasis on downstream applications such as transfection assays.

For processing under the microscope, the culture dish is inserted in a holder on the microscope stage. This DishHolder 35 features an integrated aperture used to check the success of the specimen isolation. This aperture can be approached with the CapCheck function and after the microdissection is completed, the specimen can be examined in the cap without any need to remove the dish from the holder.

The DishHolder 6/35 can accommodate up to six DuplexDish 35 culture dishes. In addition, it can be inserted in the microscope stage, but it also serves for convenient preparation under the clean bench, either with each dish individually closed or with a cover over all six.

The culture dish and the holders have been specially tailored to the needs of laser microdissection and pressure catapulting technology (LMPC) and permit optimal cell growth and convenient microscopy.