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Partek Releases Partek® Genomics Solution™ 6.2

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Partek Incorporated has announced that it has released Partek® Genomics Solution™ 6.2, a complete analysis solution for genomic studies.

Partek GS is designed to empower scientists with statistics that are tightly integrated with interactive visualization and optimized for experiments containing thousands of samples and millions of variables.

Features in Partek GS include detection and display of alternative splice events, exon-level and copy number alterations visualization in the enhanced Partek Genome Browser™, as well as import and annotation capabilities for two-color arrays.

Partek Genomics Solution has now achieved Affymetrix GeneChip-compatible™ status with the Affymetrix Inc. GeneChip® microarray platform in the following categories: Expression Arrays, Exon Arrays, and Chromosomal Copy Number analysis of high density SNP Arrays.