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PAT Control Software for Batch Crystallisation

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Ashe Morris have developed a feed back control technique for batch crystallisers based on heat measurement.  This not only simplifies process development but eliminates guess work in the control of batch crystallisers. 

This software has been made possible by the unique heat measuring capabilities of the Coflux® Batch reactor.

A new automated technique for controlling batch crystallisation has been developed by Ashe Morris. It will accelerate the process development of batch crystallisation processes and improve both the quality and consistency of industrial crystallisation processes.

The control system monitors crystal mass from enthalpy data and uses this to control the set point. The controller also measures rate of crystallisation from power data and uses this as the process variable.

By using direct measurement of crystallisation, this technique eliminates guess-work from the control process. This technique is designed to be used on systems with Coflux® reactors. The controller also monitors jacket fouling which it can clear automatically.