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PEAK Scientific Increase Manufacturing Capacity and Employment Opportunities at Glasgow Headquarters

PEAK Scientific Increase Manufacturing Capacity and Employment Opportunities at Glasgow Headquarters content piece image
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PEAK Scientific has recently expanded the manufacturing facilities at their Glasgow headquarters. The manufacturing facility has increased from 8,500 square foot to just under 12,500 square foot which will allow PEAK Scientific to increase their production, increase local employment and meet increased demands, both now and into the future.

PEAK have seen an increase in production output of up to 37% which can be attributed to the expansion alongside operational efficiencies and production process improvements made at the company’s sites across the Clyde Valley in Scotland, UK.

Charlie Street, PEAK’s Facilities Manager, said, “I was approached to find out what it would take to remove the wall in order to increase capacity and, once contractors were engaged and all structural engineering was approved, we managed to increase our floorspace by 44% in just two weeks.”

With increasing demand for gas generators among PEAK’s global customer base, PEAK’s decision to expand their manufacturing floor by almost 50% will allow the company to meet the challenges of today’s market and support their customers as best they can. PEAK supply leading LC-MS and GC instrument manufacturers with gas generators to supply their instruments and this expansion, along with a new streamlined process, will continue to strengthen these partnerships.

PEAK’s CEO, Jonathan Golby, commented, “We are pleased with the quick and smooth expansion of our manufacturing facilities at PEAK HQ. The investment that was made will directly benefit our customers across the globe as well as the local community by opening up new employment opportunities for the area. This expansion will allow us to remain the leading manufacturer of gas generators for laboratories around the world well into the future.”