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PhoreMost Appoints Christian Dillon as Vice President of Biology

PhoreMost Appoints Christian Dillon as Vice President of Biology content piece image
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PhoreMost Ltd. has announced it has appointed Dr Christian Dillon as Vice President of Biology. In this new role, Dr Dillon will work across all the Company’s areas of interest, including oncology, targeted protein degradation, and neurodegeneration, leading PhoreMost’s efforts to progress the novel targets identified by its SITESEEKER® platform towards drug discovery.

Christian joins PhoreMost from Cancer Research UK’s Therapeutic Discovery Laboratories (CRUK-TDL), where he was Associate Director, acting as programme director for multiple successful drug discovery alliances with pharmaceutical partners, leading both discovery projects and diverse portfolios from concept through to candidate nomination. He has also led scientific negotiations with commercial partners for CRUK, resulting in a number of multi-million-pound partnerships, including the seeding of Artios Pharma Ltd. Christian has over 15 years’ experience working at the interface between academia and industry, has sat on a number of oncology target funding and review panels, and is currently a member of Deep Science Ventures’ Sector Scoping Committee. He received his Ph.D. from University College London, before pursuing postdoctoral research at the Medical Research Council Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology.

Dr Chris Torrance, CEO, PhoreMost, said: “Christian’s outstanding track record in directing highly successful programmes and establishing strategic partnerships will be a great asset to PhoreMost. I am thrilled to welcome him to the team, where he will play a key role in supporting progression of our first-in-class therapeutic assets, as well as driving our partnered programmes.”

Dr Christian Dillon, Vice-President of Biology, PhoreMost, said: “I have been impressed by PhoreMost’s technology, as well as the Company’s leadership team and the growth it has achieved. I am excited to join PhoreMost as it enters the next phase of its development, and to support the progression of exciting novel targets, towards ‘drugging the undruggable’.”