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Platinum Informatics Recognised In “Top Laboratory Automation Solution Service Providers in the UK 2021”

Platinum Informatics Recognised In “Top Laboratory Automation Solution Service Providers in the UK 2021” content piece image
Credit: Platinum Informatics
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Platinum Informatics are delighted to announce that we have been recognised as one of the “Top Laboratory Automation solution providers in the UK 2021” by Pharma Tech Outlook.

The annual listing is comprised of companies that are at the forefront of providing laboratory automation solutions and transforming businesses. Platinum Informatics has been identified as making a significant difference to the overall efficacy of scientific research in 2021. Pharma Tech Outlook is a monthly publication that has been a pioneer in bringing forth real world solutions, products and more to subscribers. The magazine has contributors from the most established organisations and institutions who have been presenting their viewpoint using this unique print and digital platform.

With a vision of bringing the digital lab of the future to the research lab of today, Platinum Informatics are proud to be recognised for our ecosystem of informatics solutions, Platinum Desimal. Designed in collaboration with world-class scientists and software developers, Platinum Desimal addresses the challenges involved with large-scale multi-omics research such as reproducibility, automation and processing complex datasets. By providing an end-to-end automated solution and orchestrating chains of computational processes, removing the need for manual input in scientific processes, minimising the risk of variation and human error.

Amidst the COVID19 pandemic, businesses including laboratories have had to adapt to remote working. Platinum Desimal is cloud hosted and secure, scientists can log in to work on their experiments anywhere, anytime. Using Desimal, processes such as experimental design, setup, booking instruments, data collection and analysis can be conducted remotely - reducing the frequency and duration of time that researchers are required in the laboratory, enabling remote working.

“Over the last two years, we have helped several pharma companies address research challenges and optimise experimental outcomes. We hope to expand our customer base and facilitate further, richer discovery within the field.”