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Premier Biosoft Releases TMA Foresight - A Statistical Tool for Tissue Microarray Data Analysis

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PREMIER Biosoft International has announced the release of its product, TMA Foresight.

TMA Foresight is a statistical tool for tissue microarray data analysis designed especially for pathologists, clinicians and researchers.

TMA Foresight is designed to be used for a wide variety of analysis ranging from simple descriptive statistics that include mean, sum, and variance to more advanced data correlation such as Hierarchical clustering and Kaplan Meier plots.

TMA Foresight can analyze and interpret data, making it a useful tool for pathologists, clinicians and researchers.

According to the Company, TMA Foresight can enable easy data pre-processing. It helps to map the character data to numeric values with a click of a button. Moreover, the measurement level of each variable can be conveniently defined for use in different statistical analysis.