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Premier Biosoft Releases Version 5.10 of Beacon Designer

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Premier Biosoft International has announced that it has released version 5.10 of Beacon Designer with advanced support for multiplexing, crucial for diagnostic assay development.

Beacon Designer is their oligo design tool for real time qRT-PCR that is designed to support most of the popular qPCR chemistries.

"With the release of Beacon Designer Version 5.10, Premier Biosoft International has taken a step further in making a comprehensive, sophisticated and powerful qPCR oligo design tool available to thousands of labs all over the world," says Kay Brown, V.P. Business Development and Marketing.

"We are particularly pleased with the biologist designed user interface and comprehensive support for multiplexing."

Beacon Designer can design SYBR® Green primers, TaqMan® probes, LNA spiked TaqMan® probes, FRET probes or molecular beacons for real time qRT-PCR and NASBA® assays.

Beacon Designer also enables the design of compatible probes for proven SYBR® Green assays. Beacon Designer uses the sophisticated algorithms to ensure assay success.

Primers are designed avoiding regions of significant homology, identified by automatically interpreting BLAST search results. Primer efficiency is enhanced by designing them in template-structure-free regions.

For multiplexing, Beacon Designer screens millions of primer probe combinations to design primer probe sets for single tube multiplex reactions.