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Primagen Announces Free-Circulating DNA and RNA Cancer Biomarkers at ASCO

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Primagen Holding BV will exhibit its products in booth #4463 at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting being held in Atlanta, Georgia, from June 2-6, after introducing its Cancer Biomarkers activities at the AACR in April this year.

Company is expanding its focus into the area of clinical oncology with Clinical Research Services on its multiple mRNA expression markers and free-circulating mtDNA and mtRNA tests.

In addition to a poster on mRNA expression of stem cell marker CD133 as a potential tool to manage metastatic disease, Primagen will also feature data on other mRNA markers including CD169 and CD146.

Company will also highlight the extension of its Mitox™ products for mitochondrial nucleic acids that explore the clinical relevance of free-circulating plasma mtDNA and mtRNA as surrogate markers for assessing tumor progression or regression.

"Research in conjunction with key medical centers in Europe and the United States over the past 12 months has shown that Primagen's effort in the area of clinical oncology represents a significant opportunity to improve the assessment of numerous solid tumor cancers," says Steve Owings, President of Primagen Inc., the company's North American Affiliate.

"We plan to begin commercial service testing to the pharmaceutical industry this summer, followed with test kits that can be employed for clinical research and validation."