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Qiagen Launches AllPrep DNA/RNA Mini Kit

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Qiagen has announced the launch of AllPrep DNA/RNA Mini Kit, designed to purifie both genomic DNA and total RNA from a single cell or tissue sample.

Since the sample is not divided into two for separate purification procedures, maximum DNA and RNA yields can be achieved.

Qiagen claims that, the purified DNA and RNA are ready to use in any downstream application.

A simple workflow allows purification of DNA and RNA from the same sample in less than 40 minutes.

Sample lysates are first passed through an AllPrep DNA spin column, which selectively binds genomic DNA, and then through an RNeasy® spin column, which binds total RNA. Bound DNA and RNA are efficiently washed before being eluted.

Genomic DNA purified using the AllPrep DNA/RNA Mini Kit has an average length of 15–30 kb, depending on homogenization conditions.

The purified DNA is suited for any application, including Southern, dot, and slot blot analyses as well as PCR and multiplex PCR.

Using the AllPrep DNA/RNA Mini Kit, intact total RNA with Agilent RIN values of up to 10 can be purified.

This ensures high performance in all applications, such as RT-PCR, real-time RT-PCR, differential display, cDNA synthesis, and Northern, dot, and slot blot analyses.