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Qiagen Launches Human Whole Genome siRNA Set V1.0

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Qiagen has introduced a product to its range of solutions for high-throughput RNAi - the Human Whole Genome siRNA Set V1.0. This comprehensive set comprises siRNAs targeting ~22,000 human genes.

In December 2005, the set was delivered to several pharmaceutical companies and research institutions in US, Europe, and Japan.

siRNAs in the Human Whole Genome siRNA Set are designed using the HiPerformance siRNA Design Algorithm which incorporates neural-network–based design and stringent homology analysis.

This combination generates potent and specific siRNA which results in high target gene knockdown with minimal off-target effects.

In addition, a siRNA set for the mouse druggable genome and subsets targeting kinases, phosphatases, and GPCRs will be released shortly.

The Human Whole Genome siRNA Set is provided with complete siRNA sequence disclosure at no extra cost.

All rights to any invention or discovery developed by researchers using these sequences belong to the researcher allowing complete freedom for discovery.