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Qiagen Launches RNeasy Plus Mini Kit

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Qiagen has announced the launch of RNA purification kit “RNeasy Plus Mini Kit”.

Qiagen claims that, use of the kit ensures complete removal of genomic DNA during RNA purification using the gDNA Eliminator column.

The AllPrep DNA/RNA Mini Kit is designed to provide simultaneous purification of DNA and RNA from the same sample.

The RT-PCR kits are designed to allow accurate and easy quantification of up to 4 RNA targets in one tube without the need for optimization.

The QuantiTect Multiplex RT-PCR Kits are available with and without ROX dye and with dedicated protocols for all real-time cyclers.

QuantiTect Primer Assays offer over 135,000 primer sets for guaranteed results in SYBR Green based real-time RT-PCR.

The assays are now available genomewide for human, mouse, rat, arabidopsis, drosophila, dog, and chicken, with more to come.

HotStarTaq Plus DNA Polymerase is designed to provide unrivalled hot-start PCR performance without optimization — now with a 5-minute enzyme activation time and additional PCR buffer for faster and easier handling.

The HotStar HiFidelity Polymerase Kit ensures highly sensitive and specific hot-start PCR due to a buffer additive and hot-start proofreading enzyme.

HotStart HiFidelity Polymerase provides ten-fold higher fidelity than Taq DNA polymerase.

The REPLI-g Mini Kit offers whole genome amplification in a mini kit format, yielding 10 µg DNA in a 50 µl reaction.