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Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor for Synthesis and Filtration in One Compact System

Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor for Synthesis and Filtration in One Compact System content piece image
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Radleys have launched their new Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor which allows synthesis and filtration in a single jacketed vessel setup, ideal for crystallisation, reaction workups and product isolation.

The Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor combines a jacketed lab reactor and a filter into one compact benchtop system. This allows users to isolate their product without having to manually transfer their material from reactor to a separate filter, saving time and reducing product losses.

Users can easily upgrade their existing Reactor-Ready to a filter reactor or invest in a standalone, dedicated filter system.

The unique 1 and 2 litre filter vessels feature a jacketed design that extends right down to the filter plate for precise temperature control of your entire vessel contents. The straight sided vessel inner also allows unhindered filtration and features a wide DN150 bottom flange giving easy access to the filter cake.

The filter vessels come with a chemically resistant PTFE or PEEK, leak free filter base that can use pre-cut filter membranes in a variety of porosities and materials, or users can cut their own material to size.

The innovative swivel filter plate support allows for simple alignment of the filter base with the vessel and easy collection of the filter cake.

Automate your Reactor-Ready Filter Lab Reactor with AVA Lab Control Software which controls and data logs all the periphery devices, such as overhead stirrers, circulators and gravimetric additions modules for accurate liquid dosing.