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Regulatory Compliant Flexible Plastic Tubing

Various types of tubing.
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Biotech Fluidics has launched a new range of traceable, certified PEEK and fluoropolymer flexible tubing for use in regulated environments.

Tubing is an essential part of every fluidic system. In many medical and life science applications, biocompatibility requirements from regulatory standards including ISO 10993 (medical device and dental materials), US Pharmacopeia Class VI (toxicity), FDA title 21 and EU Regulation 1907/2006 (DEHP content) strictly govern what flexible plastic tubing can be used.

To serve these medical and life science applications, Biotech Fluidics is now able to offer high quality, FDA-certified flexible plastic tubing in bulk and pre-cut quantities. In addition to regulatory compliance, every supply of this new tubing comes with traceability information including manufacturing lot number. If required Biotech Fluidics can also deliver sterilized tubing assemblies prepared in a clean room environment.

Biotech Fluidics can assist you in finding the most suitable regulatory compliant flexible plastic tubing for your needs. A wide range of this new tubing, precisely manufactured to tight OD and ID tolerances, is available on short delivery. In addition, the company can provide customized OEM solutions including regulatory compliant pre-cut tubing and mounted fittings all packaging with your label and much more.