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Reusable Bio-chip Offers High Sample Throughput SNP Genotyping

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Fluidigm Corporation has launched its reusable FR48.48 Dynamic Array™ integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) – which is said to be the world's first reusable bio-chip for the SNP genotyping market. This chip begins a new era of ultra-low cost, high sample throughput SNP genotyping and marks the beginning of Fluidigm's drive toward one-penny-per-data point, the company claims.

The FR48.48 Dynamic Array IFC is the first in a line of reusable chip products that will lower costs and enable the use of SNP genotyping in a wide range of applications, including plant and animal biotechnology. The lower costs and accelerated workflow will provide economic value, allowing researchers to bring the benefits of molecular breeding, quality control, and genetic testing to farmers and consumers. The chip has been specially designed to give performance in the three primary areas of importance for SNP genotyping.

The reusable chip can decrease the cost per genotype by up to 80 percent for ultra-high throughput SNP genotyping customers when compared to Fluidigm's single-use 48.48 Dynamic Array IFC and is designed to support an accelerated workflow for higher sample throughput applications. Each chip can be used up to five times and is able to produce results for 48 samples across 48 assays for a total of up to 11,520 genotypes over the five uses.

Fast-loading and thermal cycling allows a single operator to run more than 3X the numbers of samples in a day when compared to using single-use 48.48 Dynamic Array IFCs. The reusable chip provides 99 percent or greater call rates, and 99.75 percent or higher accuracy.

"We have seen a tremendous amount of interest since the announcement of our reusable chip architecture," states Gajus Worthington, Fluidigm President and Chief Executive Officer. "We are proud to offer the first of our reusable IFC products enabling our customers to utilize this breakthrough technology and enjoy the benefits of ultra-low cost, high sample throughput SNP genotyping."

The launch of the reusable FR48.48 Dynamic Array IFC is accompanied by the introduction of the new IFC Controller WX, a device that automatically performs fast loading or cleaning of this reusable IFC. The reusable FR48.48 chip can be loaded in just 30 minutes and the overall time for loading and thermal cycling is only about one hour, compared to approximately three hours for single-use 48.48 Dynamic Array IFCs.

The FR48.48 chip and the IFC Controller WX are part of a complete system designed to meet the needs of high sample throughput SNP genotyping. The product family now includes the reusable FR48.48 Dynamic Array IFC, the IFC Controller WX, the ultra-fast FC1™ Cycler, and either Fluidigm's EP1™ Reader or BioMark™ System.