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Roche Unveils Expand Long Range dNTPack

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Roche Applied Science, a business area of Roche Diagnostics, has announced the launch of Expand Long Range dNTPack. dNTPack is a solution to consistently amplify long PCR products.

The dNTPack is a second generation product to the well-known Expand Long Template PCR System.

It contains a sophisticated blend of thermostable DNA polymerases, an optimized buffer system, and ultrapure PCR-Grade Nucleotides.

The Expand Long Range dNTPack is optimized to efficiently amplify large genomic DNA fragments from 5 kb to 25 kb in combination with a threefold higher fidelity compared to Taq DNA Polymerase.

It is suited for genome mapping and sequencing, contig construction, characterization of cloned sequences in lambda phages or cosmids, and eukaryotic-gene cloning and analysis.

It is designed for the identification and cloning of complete genes from genomic DNA using cDNA sequence information as a starting point.