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Rosetta Announces the Rosetta Syllego System

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Rosetta Biosoftware has announced the availability of their product, the Rosetta Syllego™ Genetic Data Management and Analysis System for genetic studies.

The system is designed to manage genetic data from disparate sources and combine relevant genotypic and phenotypic study data so that scientists can spend their time analyzing data and drawing conclusions instead of contending with data from multiple sources.

"Customers and prospects have shared with us their frustrations for finding a resource that can capture and store data from a range of sources, so we designed the Syllego system to address this need," said Yelena Shevelenko, vice president and general manager of Rosetta Biosoftware.

"The system enables researchers to plan and conduct genetic studies using various commercial genotyping platforms and vendor assays and integrate relevant study data."

"Further, the system includes quality control tools to prevent loss of time in downstream analyses as well as automation and project management tools to record and plan analysis workflows and catalog data for future studies."

"All of these tools help scientists spend less time transforming and formatting data and more time analyzing data."

The Syllego system also includes basic data analysis tools and the ability to integrate study data with common statistical packages, such as R.

The system will be demonstrated at the Human Genome Organisation conference in Helsinki, Finland, May 31 - June 3, as well at Rosetta Biosoftware's upcoming conference, the Rosetta Technology Forum, also in Helsinki, June 4 - 5.

To register for this forum free of charge, visit conferences page on the Company website.