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Rosetta Launches the Rosetta Elucidator Protein Expression Data Management and Analysis System Version 2.0

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Rosetta Biosoftware has announced the availability of version 2.0 of the Rosetta Elucidator® protein expression data analysis system, with capabilities to support data from additional mass spectrometry instrument types and integrate with additional search engines.

The Elucidator system version 2.0 is a comprehensive informatics solution for protein biomarker discovery.

The latest version supports data from Thermo Finnigan™ LTQ FT and LTQ Orbitrap™, Waters® Q-TOF Premier™, and Applied Biosystems QSTAR® instruments and integrates with the Mascot, Sequest, and Sage-N Research's Sorcerer search engines.

"To develop the latest version of the Elucidator system, we incorporated important feedback from users," said Yelena Shevelenko, vice president and general manager of Rosetta Biosoftware.

"In addition to adding support for more instruments and search engines, we have made key enhancements to visualization and productivity tools, such as adding the 2D Image Viewer for quickly evaluating LC/MS data, and adding a tool to rapidly generate a list of differentially-expressed proteins. These enhancements increase productivity and accommodate diverse users."

"The Elucidator system has improved our research productivity because we can do analyses that could not easily be done before," states Michael G. Katze, Ph.D., Professor of Microbiology, University of Washington, and Associate Director of the Washington National Primate Research Center.

"The powerful combination of the Resolver system for genomics and the Elucidator system for proteomics has enabled my laboratory to begin integrating mRNA and protein data at a global level for the first time."

"Because of the tremendous capabilities of Rosetta Biosoftware's informatics tools, we are beginning to make great strides towards our understanding of deadly viral diseases such as pandemic influenza, hepatitis C virus, and AIDS."

Further information about the Elucidator system version 2.0 will be presented at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) annual meeting in Seattle, WA, May 28-June 1.