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Rotavapor® R-80 System: Evaporation on the Smallest Footprint

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BÜCHI Labortechnik AG, has added the R-80 Rotavapor® System to its portfolio. This entry-level instrument offers BUCHI quality at an affordable price and ensures the efficient use of laboratory space. It also leads the way for more environmentally conscious evaporation solutions.

As the first company to commercialize the rotary evaporator, BUCHI has remained the market leader for many decades. Having introduced numerous innovations over the years, the R-80 is the latest in a long line of revolutionary instruments. The R-80 maintains many of the advanced features that have become synonymous with the BUCHI brand but in a format that takes up less space, uses less energy, and puts less strain on budgets.

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The compact R-80 saves valuable laboratory space and opens the world of rotary evaporation to individuals and institutions that may not have the resources for larger models or those requiring a more compact and cost-effective solution without compromising quality and efficiency.

The R-80 Rotavapor® can easily be expanded with the addition of a vacuum pump V-80/V-180, vacuum interface I-80/I-180, and high-quality glassware for different needs. Available in three standard configurations:

  • R-80 Standalone
  • R-80 + Vacuum Solution V-80 with Interface I-80 for manual vacuum control
  • R-80 + Vacuum solution V-180 with Interface I-180 for automatic vacuum control

The speed-controlled vacuum solutions offer near-silent vacuum generation and reduced bumping. The interfaces I-80/I-180 provide an easy means of vacuum monitoring and control and can be attached directly to the Rotavapor®, the pump, or a lab stand.

To address environmental concerns, an optional valve unit can control the water flow and save resources by stopping after distillation or by a timer. Every part of the system has been intelligently designed for user convenience and effortless operation. The central user interface can be rotated by 90° for easy access and has one central navigation control button. The smooth manual lift ensures effortless operation, while the cableless bath allows hassle-free emptying and refilling.

With a versatile heating bath with a maximum working temperature of 95 °C and the ability to accommodate flask sizes of up to 1L, the R-80 is the ideal companion for chemical research. The Rotavapor® R-80 complements BUCHI’s comprehensive range of evaporation solutions. BÜCHI Labortechnik AG remains dedicated to offering solutions catering to all budgets and workflows of academic, pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological industries