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Schott Launches Next Generation of Microarray Substrates

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Schott has launched the next generation of microarray slides: Nexterion® HiSens. These slides are designed to increase the signal to noise ratios of microarray experiments by over eight times and were developed using the company’s optical coating technology.

Developed and used exclusively by Schott, the reflective optical layer on Nexterion HiSens significantly enhances sensitivity and signal response by a process of fluorescence enhancement and reflection of the emitted light.

Nexterion HiSens’ reflective optical coating technology is designed to improve microarray users’ ability to use fluorescent dyes as labels in their experiments.

With conventional slides the use of fluorescent dyes prevent microarray scanners from operating at their maximum efficiency, as they are only able to acquire a small proportion of the total fluorescence emitted from the spots on the slides.

Schott claims that, the Nexterion HiSens reflective coating overcomes this limitation, and enables scientists using fluorescent dyes to operate their microarray scanners at maximum efficiency.