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See the Details – Olympus’ LED Base Delivers Enhanced and Expanded Imaging

See the Details – Olympus’ LED Base Delivers Enhanced and Expanded Imaging content piece image
Slim LED transmitted light illumination base with turret
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Users of Olympus’ SZX2 and SZ2 Stereo microscopes and the MVX10 Macro-Zoom microscope can expand their observation capabilities thanks to a new slim 41.5mm (1.6 in.) LED transmitted light illumination base. The base contains an easy-to-use turret system that can be loaded with up to four cartridges. Nine cartridges are available, offering different observation methods, including brightfield, darkfield, polarization, and oblique, as well as three levels of contrast (low, standard, or high) for the brightfield and oblique illumination. This improves the flexibility of SZX2/SZ2/MVX10 microscopes, enabling users to observe a wider variety of samples and broaden the scope of their observation tasks.

The LED lamp in the transmitted light illumination base provides several advantages:

Easy to maintain:
With an average life span of 60,000 hours, these LED lamps last longer than halogen bulbs.
Reduced operating costs: Power consumption of LED lamps is about half that of halogen light sources.
Low running temperatures: The low heat dissipation from the LED light in the slim base makes it well-suited for long-term observation of live samples.
Color stability: LED light maintains its color even when users adjust the brightness or zoom.