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Shimadzu Unveils SIL-20A Autosampler

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. has announced the launch of its SIL-20A Autosampler. The SIL-20A features improvements in sample injection speed, accuracy, and processing capacity.

SSI’s autosampler - designed to perform analyses faster and better without carryover - employs cross-contamination countermeasures to maintain sample purity, even with high-sensitivity LC-MS/MS detection.

The SIL-20A’s injection port and needle tip reduce carryover and trapped sample, resulting in carryover performance.

From the proprietary coating on the external surface of the needle to the high-pressure valve rotor material, choices were made to eliminate carryover.

Additionally, the needle seal/injection port is mounted directly on the valve, eliminating the need for a sample transfer line and reducing possible carryover arising from unswept areas in tubing connections.

SSI also offers alternative needle and rotor materials for those compounds that may have an affinity for any of the standard materials. 

"Carryover reduction has become one of the key design elements for autosamplers due to the increased sensitivity of HPLC detectors, especially LC-MS/MS," notes Curtis R. Campbell, Ph.D., Shimadzu Scientific Instruments’ HPLC Product Manager.

"Studies with Chlorhexidine, a known troublesome, very basic antibiotic compound, have shown the SIL-20 to be more than 100 times better than other commonly available commercial autosamplers under similar conditions."

Shimadzu claims that, the SIL-20A can accommodate 175 vials (8X40 mm, 1 mL) or two microtiter plates. The addition of a Rack Changer means that up to 12 standard or deep-well microtiter plates (96 or 384 well format) can be accommodated.

The SIL-20A is a no sample loss autosampler with needle-in-the-flow-path design and an adjustable needle stroke that is designed to ensure researchers get the sample injection they need without wasting sample.

The SIL-20A’s metering pump is driven by a 3nL/step resolution motor drive, providing durability and injection volume accuracy.