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Sigma-Aldrich Launches Content Antibody Array for Expression Profiling of 725 Proteins in a Single Assay

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Sigma-Aldrich has announced the launch of the Panorama™ Antibody Microarray XPRESS Profiler725, a high-throughput tool for multiplex protein expression profiling of serum, cell or tissue extracts.

"Researchers are increasingly seeking tools that can easily identify the more biologically-relevant changes that occur at the proteome level," said Dr. Richard Pembrey, Market Segment Manager, Functional Proteomics.

"By combining the sensitivity of antibody detection with an increasing level of content, Panorama antibody microarray technology enables researchers to screen expression changes in large numbers of proteins in significantly less time than it would take using conventional protein detection methodology."

The Panorama XPRESS Profiler725 contains 725 highly specific antibodies, arrayed in duplicate on nitrocellulose slides compatible with the majority of DNA array scanners. The array antibodies detect human, mouse, and rat proteins associated with a variety of key cell signaling and gene regulation pathways.

Targeted-content subsets of antibodies to Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK), Protein Kinase C (PKC) and p53 protein families are also represented on the array.