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Sigma-Aldrich Launches SpyLine™ Poly A+ Capture Kit

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Sigma-Aldrich has introduced the SpyLine Poly A+ Capture Kit (product codes: SPY1 and SPY4).

SpyLine is an addition to Sigma's RNA product offerings and is a tool for identifying the knockdown of gene expression for functional profiling of biological processes.

"The SpyLine Poly A+ Capture Kit simplifies knockdown measurements and gene expression analysis by allowing capture and amplification of mRNA in a single plate," said Keith Jolliff, Strategic Marketing Director at Sigma- Aldrich.

"We are very excited about the sensitivity and reproducibility of the kit, making it an excellent addition to our RNA product offering."

The kit features the SpyLine Poly A+ Capture Plate, a 96-well PCR plate coated with oligo(dT) for selective capture of poly A+ mRNA from crude mammalian cell lysates.

Reagents can be added directly to this capture plate for subsequent RT-PCR or real-time quantitative RT-PCR cycling and analysis.

In addition, the 96-well format is suitable for automation. High throughput protocols are available for the Biomek® FX Workstation.