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Signature Genomic Launches the SignatureChip® Version 4.0 Microarray

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Signature Genomic Laboratories has announced the release of the SignatureChip Version 4.0, which is the enhanced version of the propriety microarray both designed and validated in house at Signature's laboratory.

The enhanced array will be utilized immediately on all specimens submitted to Signature for microarray analysis.

Bassem Bejjani, MD FACMG Medical Director, "SignatureChip Version 4.0 provides a total of 1887 BAC clones and 622 contigs representing over 64 recognized genetic syndromes; plus all 41 subtelomeres, and all 43 pericentromeric regions."

"Each subtelomere has on average greater than 5.7 Mb coverage to detect terminal and interstitial subtelomeric alterations."

"The enhanced array provides 55% more coverage of the genome compared to other available microarrays. SignatureChip Version 4.0 is offered to the clinical diagnostic community at no additional charge."

Lisa Shaffer, PhD FACMG CEO, "In addition, Signature is also offering to current customers the ability to retest any samples that we have shown to have a subtelomere abnormality identified by a previous version of the SignatureChip®."

"The retest will be performed at no charge for those physicians that telephone the laboratory requesting this test."

"Because of the enhanced subtelomere coverage, the SignatureChip® Version 4.0 may better delineate and define the size of the alteration(s). Signature will provide an amended report for any retested samples."