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Sinocompound Adds New Advanced Buchwald Ligands and Precatalysts

Sinocompound Adds New Advanced Buchwald Ligands and Precatalysts content piece image
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Sinocompound Catalysts Co., Ltd has added to its established range of Buchwald ligands and precatalysts providing customers with even greater choice of ligands to meet their cross-coupling needs. Sinocompound is a specialist global provider of advanced homogeneous catalysts and ligands for pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications.

The latest additions to the Sinocompound Buchwald range include AdCyBrettPhos (CAS 2197989-24-3), AlPhos (CAS 1805783-60-1), EPhos Pd G4 (CAS 2132978-44-8), EPhos (CAS 2118959-55-8), AdBrettPhos (CAS 1160861-59-5), and AdBrettPhos Pd G3 (CAS 1445972-29-1).

Buchwald ligands are electron-rich dialkylbiaryl phosphines that are used to improve chemical reactivity in palladium catalysis. Even minor structural changes to Buchwald ligands can dramatically affect their catalytic activity in cross-coupling reactions with different substrates, which has led to the development of numerous ligands tailored for use in specific reactions. Buchwald ligands play an important role in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and organic electronic materials.

Sinocompound has been manufacturing high quality Buchwald ligands and precatalysts under license from MIT since 2012 and has continued to expand the product range by adding more advanced ligands to the family. While some Buchwald ligands are currently manufactured at a relatively small scale (grams), others are routinely manufactured at a larger scale (hundreds of kilograms).

With the opening of a new manufacturing plant in Tongling, Anhui Province, China, in the fourth quarter of 2021, Sinocompound is well placed to scale up production of Buchwald ligands to the meet the demands of customers.

Carin Seechurn, Technical Advisor, said, “At Sinocompound, we’re always looking to build out our product ranges with the ligands our customers need for their specialist applications. Our new manufacturing facility combined with a flexible approach, advanced technology and in-house expertise, mean we can not only achieve short lead times but we can also rapidly scale up production as required to fulfil individual orders.”