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SLAS 2016: Analytik Jena Presents Liquid Handling Systems

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As part of this year’s SLAS, one of the most important international industry trade fairs for laboratory, automation, and liquid handling technology, Analytik Jena AG will be demonstrating a customized complete solution for liquid handling in connection with automated, real-time PCR thermal cyclers. This solution has been developed in-house for the first time.

With the qTOWER³ auto real-time PCR system, Analytik Jena is using its proven fiber-optic technology to bring to the market a device that is ideally suited to integration into robotics systems. This happens thanks to the automatic loading and unloading of microplates by means of a mobile sample tray.

Presented on the market for the first time at SLAS, the system will enable the CyBio and Biometra product families, which are highly renowned on the market thanks to their high quality and the “Made in Germany” label, to be combined into one system that is optimized for various customer requirements.

“We want to use these high-quality automation systems, which, if required, can also be operated together with Analytik Jena’s diverse reagents portfolio, to further increase our presence in the rapidly growing life science market. We supply customized complete solutions, which are adapted to our customers’ individual requirements in terms of application, throughput, and capacity,” says Alexander Berka, General Manager of the Life Science business unit at Analytik Jena AG.

Besides in complete systems by Analytik Jena robotics, liquid handling, and detection devices, the new CyBi ® -Carry robotics module can also be attached individually and directly to third-party products to enable fully automated processes. The CyBi ® -Carry’s space-saving construction is particularly noteworthy here. The flexible adaption to different customer systems is made possible by a variable rail docking system.

The SLAS is taking place in San Diego, California, USA from January 23 to 27.