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Stratagene Launches ArrayAssist® CopyNumber

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Stratagene Corporation has announced the launch of its ArrayAssist® Copy Number Software.

This software is guided workflow presently available for copy number analysis, enabling researchers to manipulate and analyze the massive data sets generated by leading chromosomal copy number microarrays.

The ArrayAssist Copy Number software is Stratagene's most recent application on the ArrayAssist platform, which includes ArrayAssist® Expression and ArrayAssist® Exon, the latest versions of which were introduced in January 2006.

All ArrayAssist applications have earned GeneChip-compatible™ status with the Affymetrix platform.

They will soon be provided as universal binaries, able to run natively on the latest Intel-based Macintosh® computers, and are compatible with Mac® OS X, Windows®, and Linux®.

"Our ArrayAssist platform is deliberately designed to make sophisticated, high-density array analysis accessible to the life scientist," said David Edwards, Director, Software Solutions at Stratagene.

"The most current microarrays for exon, copy number and expression analysis generate data sets that break most traditional analytical tools."

"With a full spectrum of advanced analytical features and dynamic interactive visualizations, Stratagene's intuitive, easy-to-use ArrayAssist platform helps biologists and biostatisticians conduct independent advanced microarray data analysis."

ArrayAssist Copy Number supports the identification of biomarkers for cancer, degenerative disease and developmental disorders by highlighting chromosomal amplifications and deletions.

Biologists can compare their experimental data in ArrayAssist CopyNumber with a reference genome using ArrayAssist's integrated genome browser, a feature of all ArrayAssist applications, and map biological pathways for a comprehensive understanding of the relevant relationships in their system with the integration of Stratagene's PathwayArchitect™ platform.

Stratagene will be demonstrating ArrayAssist Copy Number in Booth #6 at the Cambridge HealthTech Institute's Microarray Data Analysis and Interpretation conference, being held at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington D.C., from August 23 to 25, 2006.

Stratagene's ArrayAssist and PathwayArchitect products suites are powered by the avadis™ technology and are co-developed with Strand Life Sciences.