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Stratagene Launches ArrayAssist® Exon and ArrayAssist® Expression Software for Mac® OS X

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Stratagene Corporation has announced the launch of its ArrayAssist® Exon and ArrayAssist® Expression software for Mac® OS X version 10.4 "Tiger".

The ArrayAssist line of software products consists of intuitive packages that enable life scientists to analyze the new generation of Affymetrix GeneChip® Exon Arrays and data from other microarray platforms.

"In designing the ArrayAssist and PathwayArchitect™ software, we put tremendous effort into optimizing the user experience for the research scientist," said David Weber, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Stratagene.

"Apple has always been a favorite platform for scientists, so it was a natural decision to offer the latest in Affymetrix data analysis to the Mac community and to launch at Macworld."

"Apple is traditionally strong in the research, science and engineering fields and the popularity of Tiger continues to drive exciting growth in these segments," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.

"We're excited about the discoveries researchers will be able to make using Tiger and the ArrayAssist applications to analyze Affymetrix's new GeneChip Exon Arrays."

"We are very pleased that Stratagene is offering ArrayAssist Expression and ArrayAssist Exon software to our customers," said John Blume, Ph.D., Vice President of Expression at Affymetrix.

"The GeneChip Exon Arrays offer an unmatched platform for biological discovery and, with its biology-focused workflow, the ArrayAssist Exon software makes advanced analysis of this data very straightforward."