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Supelco Introduces the Ascentis™ C8 HPLC Column

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Supelco a division of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation has introduced the Ascentis™ C8 HPLC Column.

Sigma claims that, the Ascentis C8 HPLC Column can be run with high organic mobile phases, facilitating sample solubility as well as improving mass spectrometric detection.

With the addition of the C8 to the C18 and RP Amide (an embedded polar group phase) columns, the Ascentis column now offers a range of selectivities for method developers to choose.

"The Ascentis HPLC column product line now comprises three different surface chemistries for achieving separations over a wide selectivity range," says Klaus Herick, European Sales Development Manager at Supelco.

"Customers can achieve optimal retention and selectivity by choosing the standard in RP-HPLC C18, the polar embedded RP-Amide that has a very different orthogonal selectivity compared to C18, or the new C8 phase that allows for superior retention of hydrophobic compounds."