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SuperArray Combines the Profiling Capabilities of Microarrays

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SuperArray Bioscience has announced the release of a PCR based technique for profiling the expression of a focused panel of genes.

These PCR Arrays are designed to bring routine expression profiling to researchers who prefer PCR based methods over hybridization based microarray technologies.

The RT2Profiler™ PCR Array is a 96-well plate containing primers for a thoroughly researched panel of relevant, pathway or disease focused genes plus appropriate positive and negative controls.

Arrays with pre-designed gene lists are available as catalog products; however, the gene content of the arrays may also be customized by an individual researcher and tailored to their specific field of study.

For a complete and flexible assay system, the arrays are combined with a SYBR Green based real time PCR master mix, also available from SuperArray, optimized for the instrument in the researcher's lab.

"As a leading provider of pathway focused DNA microarrays, we realized that many researchers have been hesitant to adopt hybridization based technologies because real-time PCR is becoming more of a gold-standard for the measurement of gene expression," said Dr. Jingping Yang, Product Manager for the PCR Array at SuperArray Bioscience.

"So, many of our customers who prefer PCR have asked us for a PCR based gene expression method similar to the microarray.”

“With such a tool, they can examine the expression of a focused set of genes but use the PCR methods more familiar to them. Our answer to these requests is the PCR Array," continued Yang.

The RT2Profiler™ PCR Array is designed for primary gene expression analysis, just like microarrays.

The PCR Array contains SuperArray's RT2 PCR Primer Sets, designed by an experimentally verified algorithm and individually quality controlled for rigorous validation of microarray data.

"The combination of these primers with one of our master mixes gives the PCR Array the same level of reliability and sensitivity expected of PCR based methods.”

“Also, the flexibility and simplicity of this assay system makes them accessible for routine use in every research laboratory," added Yang