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Tecan OEM Component Automates the ScreeningTool for Ion Channel Screening

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Tecan components has been chosen by npi electronic for its ScreeningTool, which combines a Tecan MSP9250™ liquid handling system with a purpose-designed miniature recording chamber for automated screening of voltage or ligand-gated ion channels in Xenopus oocytes.

The miniature chamber was originally invented by Prof Hering (patent pending), from the University of Vienna, and its integration with the npi electronic TURBO TEC amplifier and Tecan OEM liquid handling system can provide speed and reproducibility for high quality drug screening applications.

"The Tecan liquid handling system is ideal for the ScreeningTool for many reasons and, in particular, its drug applications are very quick," explained Hans Reiner Polder, managing director of npi electronic.

"Automating the drug application helps to get more reproducible data as the reliability of the instrument, based on the features of the Tecan liquid handling system, is excellent."

The ScreeningTool is based on the standard two-electrode, voltage clamp screening procedure, but performed in a 15ml bath that can require minimal amounts of sample, and can offer, automated drug application with millisecond resolution, high speed voltage clamping and fast solution changes.

"In the future we plan to develop other versions of the ScreeningTool designed for different cell types and we will be very interested in continuing the collaboration with Tecan, as we had a very good experience with this product," said Mr Polder.