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Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Range of Chillers for Process Applications

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced that it has expanded its range of temperature control products used in demanding process applications, including analytical, printing, packaging, laser, research and semiconductor equipment cooling.

Thermo Scientific ThermoFlex™ 900 and 1400 recirculating chillers deliver up to 900 and 1400 watts respectively of continuous cooling capacity.

According to Company, efficiencies provide up to 20% more cooling than units of similar size and power. The units can maintain temperatures from 5°C to 40°C. The NESLAB ThermoFlex chillers were designed to meet customer demands for easy installation and operation plus reliability and low maintenance.

An integrated ramp allows a single person to unpack and install a unit, while a quick-start guide walks the user through the simple start-up process.

Each chiller incorporates a patented recirculation system with an integrated funnel, full flow filtration, and visual fluid level indication for easy maintenance. While most chillers must be taken off-line for up to an hour during scheduled maintenance, the air and fluid filters on these units can be changed during unit operating, eliminating downtime. Integrated intelligence enables issues to be detected before they impact the process.

These chillers feature pumping capacities to 4.1 gpm and adjustable pressures range to 100 psi. A wide variety of configurable options is available to tailor the units to specific applications.