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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduce HAAKE OS Mobile Docking Station

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a HAAKE OS mobile docking station to enable users to integrate their existing measuring adapters into Thermo Scientific’s torque rheo meter platform, the HAAKE PolyLab OS.

With this upgrade, users can protect their established measuring procedures while upgrading their installations.

In many cases, proven, high-quality mechanical components found in older measuring mixers, single-screw and conical double-screw extruders can no longer be used because of outdated hardware and software.

The HAAKE OS docking station can address this problem and allow users to extend the life of their equipment. A selection of mechanical drive couplings can allow users to fit HAAKE and other measuring adapters dating back to the 80ies onto the mobile docking station.

The PolyLab OS rheo meter platform can incorporate the standardized CAN open Bus that promote connectivity. Peripheral devices are automatically identified and graphically shown in the MS Windows-supported software. Remote supervision and service support are also made possible.

Historical mixer data and graphs can be imported into the system for data evaluation and immediate productivity gains. Measuring data can be called up during operation, and a variety of user levels can be set to change test parameters and measurements for specific routines.

For added convenience and precision, the mobile docking station incorporates temperature control for up to four heating zones including air cooling.